How to Eat Rice Deliciously

How to Eat Brown Rice Deliciously

Brown rice is known as a healthy food due to its richness in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Here we introduce how to cook it deliciously.

Wash the brown rice

Put the rice and water in a bowl and stir the rice with your hand to rinse it.
The dirt and dust that were attached to the brown rice will float to the surface, so remove them.

Repeat this process two or three times.

Also, rubbing the grains together in your hand when washing the brown rice will scratch the surface of the rice and it would ease the water absorption, resulting in softer cooked rice.

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Amount of water

More water is necessary when cooking brown rice than white rice.
The amount of water will vary depending on the apparatus used to cook the rice, but it should be around 1.5 times the volume of the rice.

* When using a measuring cup, use around 1.5 cups of water for every cup of rice
* When there is a scale for brown rice in your rice cooker, follow those instructions

Please adjust the actual amount of water to suit your preference for texture.

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Brown rice does not absorb water as easily as white rice, so a long time is necessary for the rice to absorb the water.

Approximately eight hours of soaking time is necessary to ensure that the cooked rice will be fluffy and soft. So it is better to start the preparation work the day before.

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Rice cooking

If there is a mode for brown rice, please use that mode.
If there is no mode specifically for brown rice, then cooking with normal white rice mode is not a problem too.

Allow the rice to steam for about 30 minutes after the cooking is complete.
Having a longer steaming time will slowly return the steam that has accumulated in the rice cooker back into the brown rice.

Once the steaming is complete, stir the rice with a rice spatula, and it is done.

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